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Announcements / House Competition


House Competition

        This is the healthiest kind of competition there is! Students compete for points by practicing at home, listening to classical music, attending classes, and helping take care of their learning environment.

The House Competition splits the school into four houses that compete to earn points by practicing, attending group classes, performing, doing volunteer work around the school, and more!  The standings will be posted weekly and the winning house will be announced at a party in December.  Each week students will be given a form to keep track of the minutes they have practiced, the lessons they attended, and all the other ways they are able to earn points.  They will return the form at their next lesson and points will be totaled for each house.  Houses were formed at our Kick-off Party and are: Stradivarius, Suzuki, Ginger Minority, and Bach.  Students who have not yet been placed in a house will be divided up when they turn in their first week's form.  Attached are the points sheet and a more detailed set of rules.  

          Each student completes a “House Practice Points” form and turns it in to their teacher (or the office) each week.


Creative Ability + Music = Musicality,
Musicality + Technical Facility = Artistry